Wedding Photography

natural wedding photography tipsComing up with natural wedding photography tips can be tough especially when you have no previous experience over it. Luckily, there are some tested and proven techniques and strategies for you to check out. You don’t have to come from scratch whenever you are trying to come up with something that looks natural or authentic. Sometimes, having a certain repertoire can work for your favor. Although weddings are something fairly fluid and all eventful on there own, you have to admit that there are certain times wherein you might need to rely on your own ideas and on your own creative inputs to get the job done the right way. Here are a few tips and techniques that will more or less help you get through the day as a professional wedding photographer.

One of the best natural wedding photography tips out there would be for you to anticipate the moment.

Don’t wait around before you go ahead try to take your shots. You will most likely miss out on them if you proceed to go ahead and take your photos that way. You are never going to get anything done if you opt for this particular kind of approach when it all comes down to it. On the other hand, what you should do instead is to try to anticipate the moments that lead up to the big and picture worthy moments. This doesn’t meant that you need to be clairvoyant or anything like that. It does not have to be like that at all. Try to read up on social cues. Observe how people behave, how they talk and act. You will see that the longer you pay attention, the more well versed you will turn out to be when it comes to things like these. You will be able to go ahead and position yourself better this way.

You should also encourage people to be themselves as much as possible.

Let people know that it really is quite alright to be their own original self when you are capturing photos of them. They don’t always have to fit a certain proverbial mold in order for them to be deemed as picture worthy. It is your main job as a wedding photographer to capture them in the best light, whatever that might turn out to be. Talk to them. Be accommodating and try to smile all of the time. These are little things when you think of it superficially but this is something that will more or less turn out to have tremendous impact on what you are trying to do at the end of the day as a wedding photographer. Always look into this in the best way that you can and things should work out well for you in the end.

Learn the art of complimenting.

Don’t be shy in being vocal about the things that you appreciate the most about the people that you are photographing. For as long as you get to keep your compliments appropriate, there shouldn’t be anything for you to worry about.


Check the courses in your area

photography coursesA great trick to getting ahead of the competition as a professional wedding photographer would be to check out what photography courses are available to enroll to in your area. This may cost you a little something extra and this may require time, effort, and dedication at time point but if you will be able to plow through it, you will come out a bigger and better wedding photographer more than ever. This kind of confidence is something that will really give you a boost for as far as booking clients, talking to them, and the like. You know for a fact that you are a notch up from the rest of the competition and this can be a heady feeling.

Make it a point to constantly look out for more ways for you to learn and to improve your game as a wedding photographer. Learning is an ever growing and an ever evolving process. It means that you never really stop at anything. Keep moving forward. It will give you something that be excited about and something to marvel about at the end of the day and that’s what’s going to make your job as a wedding photographer interesting. You will have less chances of burn out at the end of the day.

A photography course can be a tough call though so don’t make your decisions hastily just yet.

There are a lot of things to consider before you should enroll yourself in one. For starters, there’s the issue of money. Most of these photography courses can cost you an arm and a leg. This is due to the fact that they have veritable and reputable professional wedding photographers as the instructors during these photography courses and their fees can be quite steep.

The students enrolling end up footing the bill and it can rack on pretty fast.

This means that should you decide to enroll yourself in something, you should make it a point to really be able to go ahead and follow through with it. If money is a bit of an issue and you don’t really have that much to spend or invest in, online courses can be a valid substitute. It will not give you all of the hands on training that you usually get from regular classes but you at least get the theoretical bit and if you are vigilant and dedicated enough to practice it and apply it, then it should be more than worth your time and your hard earned dollars when it all comes down to it.

Look at the skill level of the photography courses that you are considering as well.

Make sure that it matches up to where you currently are as a wedding photographer. Don’t go for anything too complex because you might not be able to keep up and you will end up wasting a good amount of money for it because you can’t really absorb it. Start with the more basic courses if you have zero training beforehand just so that you have a fairly strong foundation that you can build up on.


Be alert and anticipate the moments before they happenwedding photography tips

Wedding photography is technically all about pre-empting the moments before they occur. As an expert in this field, you will have to make sure that you are able to do that so that you can capture them in the first place. Watch out for social and behavioral cues because once you are able to identify them, you will usually be able to tell what happens next. You have to remember that moments like these happen extremely fleetingly and they can be gone forever if you miss out on documenting them one way or the other. Always be on your toes and figure things out as you go along. Things can be a bit tricky if you are quite new to the wedding photography scene. One thing that you can do to work on this would be to just keep practicing and just keep working at it because eventually, you will be good at it and it will feel like second nature to you.

Kids can be adorable during weddings

There will always be children attending the weddings at some point or so. They do not exactly participate though when you are giving out instructions. They can be a bit trivial and unpredictable and can at times be a bit messy as well. The trick to getting really authentic and natural looking shots would be to just let kids be kids. They will play around and mess around one way or the other and that is just fine. Children are adorable and they bring in a certain sentimental aspect to the wedding photos. Let them be and prepare for the documentation of the really great and innocent moments out for your wedding photos.

Bring a white sheet along

There are certain instances during wedding photography wherein the bride and the groom will be required to pose in outdoor venues such as ponds, by the lake, gardens, pools, and so on and so forth. This is mainly for the bride more than anything else, really. You have to keep in mind of the fact that the bridal dress is technically prevalently white and that is something that you would have to worry about. They will not be too happy to pose for you if they run the risk of ruining their expensive bridal dress at some point or so. Bring a white sheet along with you for the bride and groom to step on during the outdoor photo shoots. It will get to protect the bridal dress and it will also make the bride feel more at ease with things.

Stay calm and take things slow

The rate to which you take your wedding photos does not relate to how efficient you are as a wedding photographer cambridge. Take your time when it comes to the point of you having to take your photos. Take a step back and assess the composition of the picture and take your time.

Learn how to work with natural light

Natural light is technically your best friend. You will need to use it as much as possible and try to veer away from artificial light as much as you possibly can.


wedding photography makeupEngaged ladies have a mountain of makeup tasks ahead of them and it is something that they would have to deal with at some point or so. As a wedding photographer peterborough, you do not have to put on the makeup yourself but it will benefit your photos a lot if you are able to be at least fairly knowledgeable with it. It can be a bit of a winding and long path for someone who is not that into makeup but the basics are pretty understandable for as long as you take enough initiative in really trying to learn as much as you can about it. The kind of makeup that you are looking for in wedding photography is something that will get to highlight all of the great features or the bride, conceal her flaws, and make her look smooth, divine, and glowing overall.

Makeup base

Before all the makeup is put in, it is extremely important for the makeup artist to make sure that there is a base. A high quality primer will be great in filling in any fine lines or any other imperfections in between. The camera can be quite a cruel thing when it comes to scrutinizing and magnifying any little imperfections on the face. A primer can also do wonders in making sure that the makeup lasts all day and does not melt at the first signs of humidity.

Include neck

Check if the neck of the bride also has full coverage. A lot of people make the mistake of stopping right at the jaw line. An expert in wedding photography though will know and understand the fact that this can be a very bad idea because of the fact that the color difference will really look extremely obvious when the photos come out at some point. A flawless transition and evenness in the color tones will make sure that you get great looking photos every single time.

Avoid reverse raccoon eyes

And speaking of keeping things even, this is a principle that should be carried out across all the aspects in relation to the application of makeup. Another thing that you should wary about would have to be the reverse raccoon eyes. This typically happens when concealer alone is being put under the eyes. The shade that concealers come with is oftentimes too bright. The best way for you to avoid that would be to mix it in with a slightly darker shade of foundation so that you can even out the color tones.

Proper face contouring

Also make sure that the face is properly contoured. A sheer bronzer will usually get the job done but there are a ton of different other products out there that will contour the face just fine. It is always best to opt for something that will be able to expertly create shadows on the face without making it look a little too sharp and a little too dark at the end of the day. What you want is something that is flattering and something that can really expertly frame the face.


wedding photography tipsHave the couple of people walk away from you then walk back again

Walking is one of the most natural and calming physical activities out there and is certainly a trick that you can use for your natural wedding photography style. It would be more natural looking if the people you photograph are talking about something while they are walking around. Walking and talking is the perfect combination if you are going for something casual and personal. It does not look contrived and it takes advantage of varied expressions coming from people’s faces brought on by them actually talking about something.

Encourage the people you photograph to let their personalities shine through

Natural wedding photography is not always about the candid and almost blank looking expressions of looking out into somewhere far. Sometimes, it can also be about the actual people that you photograph. Encourage them to feel free to really be themselves. Tell them that it’s actually OK to be a little silly during the photo shoot. Make them feel comfortable enough to pull it off.

Encourage people in group photographs to build a physical connection to each other

Group photos can be tricky in natural wedding photography because people oftentimes feel the need to really pose and be serious when they think of wedding photo shoots. Although that may sometimes be true, it helps to get more natural looking photos when they don’t have a physical gap in between them. Tell them it’s ok to hold each other, or pat someone’s head, anything at all to sort of get rid of the distance at some point.

Learn how to properly compliment women you take pictures of

This is an arsenal that you should have up your sleeve whether you’re into photography or not. Natural wedding photography is all about pulling out those facial expressions that would not have been possible with a more staged setting. A nice compliment every once in a while can really brighten up someone’s face and can really turn out looking great in the photos.

Learn to stay alert and look out for people who are deep in conversation

People look interesting and more real when they are talking to each other. Rome around and look for traces of conversations and try to photograph as candidly as you possibly can, hopefully without the use of flash so as not to be impolite and end up disrupting the conversation.

Photograph couples almost kissing

Couples look great whether on camera or off of it. Natural wedding photography is all about encouraging mystery and intrigue and nothing intrigues you more than wondering if they really kissed or not. It’s the oldest trick in the book but something that always works. And besides, capturing true love is something that’s a bit hard to get tired of, don’t you think? You might meet raised eyebrows or the feeling that the idea is a bit cheesy but it really does photograph well and is something that you should try out.