Wedding Photography

wedding photographer KentFor a wedding photographer Kent, being their own boss is one goal they strive to attain. This is totally understandable as most humans do not want to be reliant on others to earn a living. However, to gain experience or gather the necessary funds to commence the business working or learning under someone might become necessary. In that case, most of the time working a job or being mentored by someone the focus is on acquiring relevant skills or funds pending the time they can kick off their business.

However, during the process of this mentoring or fund gathering, it is quite easy for individuals to overlook the fact that starting a business is not something that can be done overnight. There is a certain process to it some of them required by law. Below, we have explained some of the requirements:

  • Know the type of business you want

Most people are unaware of the fact that different classes of business exist. For a wedding photographer Kent, you need to decide if your business is going to be operating as a sole proprietorship, partnership, a public or private company. Each class of business has its own unique way of operating. The operation and requirements differ and what may be a pro for one class of business may end up being a con for another class. So, before selecting a business class for yourself or business, carefully consider the options that are available and which one would benefit your goal.

  • Get a Business Name

As a business owner, it is expected that the business you hope to run or are running as its own unique business name. This is the name that will be identified with the business till the time you want it to cease operation or you decide to make certain changes to it. For a business name to be officially recognized as belonging to an individual, it needs to be registered with the body or arm of government responsible for such. It is important to note that when it comes to business names, a government database might already have names similar to the one you have in mind. If you go for a name already in use your application will be rejected.

  • Get a Tax Identification Number

You definitely did not think that you would generate income from your photography business and not remit tax to the appropriate authority, or did you? The best way to go about settling your tax obligation is by requesting for a tax identification number that will be associated with your business. Since you are self-employed you may find yourself taxing yourself for Personal Income Tax and if you own a company, you are also expected to pay Tax on the profit of that as well. If you do not understand the intricacies of the tax system, get legal advice! You do not want to be fined for tax evasion.

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