Wedding Photography

gay wedding photographerDo you really think it is necessary to consider your gay wedding photographer when selecting a venue for your weeding? Well in my honest opinion, I would say yes. This is because photographers play a significant role on your wedding day. Wedding are like sacred moments that needs to be cherished, your wedding photographer is saddled with the responsibilities of capturing true and unforgettable memories on that big day so it is very important for him to be a part of your plan so that at the end of the day, everyone is happy.

What type/style of photography does your wedding photographer specialises on

Considering the type of photography you want for your wedding, carrying your photographer along together with making your selection of a wedding venue would definitely be a good one. This gives the wedding photographer an insight of what to expect or the kind of photography to use. For instance, outdoor wedding makes your photographer prepare towards the event such as knowing the lightening quality, the decoration colours and if there any limitations as to the use the amenities provides in such venues. The type of wedding photography your wedding photographer uses matters a lot because the style of photography has to match with the wedding venue.

Transport and Proximity

Proximity from the location of your gay wedding photographer to the venue of the wedding is really important. Questions like “how convenient will it be for the photographer to get to the wedding venue on time” transportation can be a major problem especially when you are using a venue that is far away from the city or on the outskirts of the town. It is important that your wedding photographer gets to the wedding venue on time to take his first shots and maybe get a proper glimpse of the wedding venue and probably take independent photos of the wedding entrance and even the wedding cake before the start of the event.

Is your wedding photographer familiar with the selected venue?

Before finally making a choice of your wedding venue, find out if the wedding photographer you may likely use is very familiar with the venue or is environs. The more a wedding photographer is familiar with a place, the easier it gets. At such points, the photographer already knows the crooks and corners of the venue thus knows the exact spots to take mind blowing wedding shots.

It is very important to work hand in hand with your wedding photographer when selecting a venue. Sometimes, It is best to give your wedding photographer an opportunity in advising on the best location to use because as an experienced wedding photographer, he/she might come up with amazing ideas of the kind of locations to use to get wow results images and portraits. Photographers are like artists that help you tell a thousand stories about your wedding in picture form.

If you need more insights and ideas about choosing the perfect wedding venues that would be convenient for both you and your gay wedding photographer, check out They give the best tips and ideas about wedding locations and ideas.

Wedding Photography

gay wedding photographerWriting things down has a way of soothing our anxieties and undoubtedly, a shot list made by both you an your gay wedding photographer will make you feel better and secure. After all, you already have some nice pictures imagined in your head and you will want to bring them to life (or print).

Generally, making plans and drawing out lists is a good way to do things in life. What with the 21st century 16 to 18 hours work-pace and workaholicistic tendencies, you are in a good position to forget things to do and activities to carry out. But with a to-do list you are able to envision the next steps.

Just so you know,

“a shot list is simply a set of pictures

and photographs you want taken

on your wedding day.”

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately (depending on how you see it) shot lists aren’t so good when applied to wedding photographs and a few other things we won’t bother ourselves with.

Wedding photographs are meant to be fluid and spontaneous. They don’t have a rigid skeletal structure. All weddings are unique and the gay wedding photographer’s job like is to capture the uniqueness. He or she cannot do that when there are sets of rules to adhere to.

Your Wedding Photographer Needs Connection

It’s worse when your photographer is an experienced one. It stiffens his or her creative tentacles when you give a shot list. That way, even if you are unaware, you have effectively limited what your wedding photographer can and cannot do. There is no space for exploration and experimentation, which is what a good wedding photography needs.

Being a professional and experienced photographer, you have to let him or her do what they know how to do best.

In place of a shot list, your photographer will appreciate a good interview or sit-down where you convey all your wants. Right there in the interview, you can talk about how you have always wanted a portrait shoot with grandma or grandpa or how you have always wanted to particular shot of you crying when you see your husband for the first time in his well-tailored suit.

What your photographer needs is a connection. Not a shot list. This provides more flexibility and trust; which is more important than a set of lists to follow.

Your Photographer Will Hate Someone Else’s Concepts

Wedding photographers are also fully aware that those photos you saw on the internet–which made you prepare a shot list; because you want to have pictures like that–were actually taken without shot lists!

When you become fixated on having particular shots you saw on Instagram, or elsewhere, you give your wedding someone else’s concepts and formula; only this time, it’s you in the pictures. And you don’t want to give yourself someone else’s concept.

Worse still, those pictures were taken by another photographer. Think of it as plagiarism. Plagiarism is well, highly frowned upon. Your photographer will love the opportunity to use his or her own skills and ideas, concepts and decisions.

Letting your photographer work, without so many rules will actually the very best thing to do.

And of course! You have to hire an experienced and professional photographer.


Each wedding is unique. The aftermath–the pictures, photos–have to be unique too. That way, your wedding is one-of-a-kind, which is exactly what you are paying for, even if you don’t know it yet.

Your photographer knows this. It’ll make more sense to let him work that way.