Newborn Photography

newborn baby photographyEvery parent who just had a newborn baby would want to do everything to make this very moment memorable. One way to do that is to get a professional service in newborn photography Calgary! Yeah, get some professionally done pictures of your baby that you will keep for a really long time.

You know how your parents and grandparents would take out their old pictures of their kids? It’s really embarrassing for you sometimes, but now that you are about to have your own, you start to understand what your parents felt. That time won’t turn back for you and baby would be grown up even before you realize it. Time flies by so fast!

Professionally done pictures

Those pictures that you get from your photographer are different from people who never knew how to take pictures. They have everything, from the equipment, the place, props and most importantly, the eye. Many of them also have the experiences, making it easy to help parents who have never taken pictures before.

We love to point out to parents that these pictures are the ones that you will keep for a long time. These won’t be blurry pictures and your baby’s face will be clearly captured in different cute poses. The photographer will prepare everything, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!


The photographers have proofs to show you that he is able to capture those pictures without a doubt. You can check the site of the photographer that you want to hire for the proofs. And for starters, we like to recommend our readers to check Dulce Baby Photography. We find that many people end up booking their newborn photography Calgary from here!

When you check the portfolios of these photographers, you will be able to see the styles of the photographers that you want to hire.

Safer environment

Most parents take pictures of their babies while things go on. They rarely try to pose the baby due to lack of knowledge. But in case that you are wondering, no, you shouldn’t try to pose a newborn baby without knowing how to do it safely. A newborn photographer would know all the things that you should and should not do to a newborn baby.

An experienced newborn photographer, especially, knows how to place your baby and will know how to get an adult support the baby up the right way. It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t use just any props for your baby.

Once in your lifetime!

Many parents actually didn’t realize that they missed this moment from being too busy getting used to the new life they are having. But we are here to remind you that, hey, this isn’t going to last forever! Soon, your baby would be 2 and then he’ll begin to walk and run around! Time is really precious because you can take pictures in newborn photography Calgary during the first two weeks of the baby’s life.

So, don’t waste your time anymore. When your baby is still waiting for the right time to come into your life, prepare a photography session for this precious moment!


Babies are small little magical creatures.

newborn photography calgary02They are the embodiment of a new life created inside a mother’s womb, from as little as a single cell to a human that breathes, sees and hears. That is why taking pictures of babies and newborns are experiences that one cannot trade for others.

To make sure that the session goes well, though, you need to know these 5 things. Whether it is baby photography or newborn photography Calgary you can always bookmark this article to make sure the 5things are fulfilled.

1.    Customer-oriented service

Mothers will most likely come to you during their pregnancy time if they are planning for a newborn photography. If they are not, they might be new mothers or mothers with other children to take care of. We all know the effort and energy that mothers channel to their children; they spend sleepless nights before and after having a baby, they spend countless hours researching and playing with their little ones to ensure a happy childhood.

The best we can provide is an understanding attitude. We want mothers to be completely assured that we will provide the best for them and be flexible when it is needed. Less stress will mean better experience!

2.    Comfortable set for the baby

Ask the parents to bring the baby’s blanket and accessories over. You can use these in several pictures. And having the baby lay on a familiar fabric will get them more comfortable.

Turn on the heater and make sure that it is warm and cozy. It may be too hot for you, it will be just right for the baby. This will also put newborns in deeper slumber.

3.    Flexible time

Things happen. Any of you can go down with flu or fever and delivery date is also inaccurate half of the time. It is always good that you give up to at least one week of time flexibility before and after the due date for pregnant mommies. Also, be generous enough that you allow your clients to reschedule if their baby is unwell. The best pictures can only be taken when the baby is happy!

4.    Keep the set clean

Always make sure that everything is washed clean every day before used in sessions. Materials should not be made of allergy-prone substances and baby-friendly. Always have baby-friendly cleaning products ready to keep the place clean and prevent the mess from spreading around.

Know a thing or two about taking care of babies. This will help you in handling them with care and know the right way to deal with babies.

5.    Safe props

Nothing is more important than safety, no matter the kind of pose you are doing. You don’t want to take pictures are the expense of injured children!

This includes not using fragrance at all (as babies can be allergic to it), refraining from using dangerous hang bags (such as bean bags) and doing poses you are not familiar with and seem unsafe. Have the parents and your assistant help you in keeping an eye on the baby all the time.

Hopefully, the baby and newborn photography Calgary sessions can be enjoyable and safe. This will definitely result in a positive experience and keeps them coming back to you to take more pictures of their kids!


Newborn photographer in CalgaryIt helps if you know a little bit about newborn photography Calgary before you go ahead and try to hire someone out at some point or so. When you are able to manage your expectations the right way, you get to make sure that the rest of the newborn photo shoot will turn out to be smoother and way easier to have to go through with at the end of the day. as a parent as well as a client, the more you understand about things like this, the more satisfied you will turn out to be with the final finished products that you will end up getting. Management of expectations will really turn out to make quite a difference. It will save you from a lot of frustrations and disappointments further down the road. You will also be able to negotiate your deal and the service package inclusions better because you know what you are talking about in the first place.

Make baby comfortable.

What most newborn photographers will advise their clients most times is that they need to make sure that the baby is comfortable because an uncomfortable looking baby will never really photograph well but half the time, we don’t even know what that means. First and foremost, decide on booking a newborn photographer who has had quite a lot of newborn photography Calgary shoots under their belts. You don’t want to have to go through the horror of booking someone who ends up toppling your newborn baby off of a pillow or ends up jeopardizing his safety in general.

Keep baby safe.

Safety always comes first and the more experienced your newborn baby photographer is, the safer your baby will turn out to be all throughout the duration of the newborn photography Calgary shoot. Control the temperature. It should be warm enough to keep the baby comfy but still cool enough to make him feel at ease as much as possible. Play some background music somewhere to help set the mood and to help make sure that he is soothed and comforted. If you can lull the baby to sleep, even better because it means that the photographer will have more opportunities of posing him in different positions and getting even better shots.

When you are scheduling the session, make sure that you include the amount of time wherein you will be taking breaks in between to comfort the baby or to feed him or do anything of the like. A standard newborn photography Calgary shoot should take roughly around 2 to 4 hours or so. Anything less than that is just a little too rushed and you and your newborn photographer in Calgary might not have enough time to go through your shot list.

And speaking of shot lists, make sure that you get to draft up a shot itinerary with your expert in newborn photography. This way, everything is taken care of and well arranged for and you never have to waste time in between because you can go through the entire thing like clockwork because everything has already been planned well in advance.