wedding photography tipsIf there is one thing that a wedding photographer hampshire should understand well ahead of time and well ahead of the game of pretty much anything else, it would have to be the fact that he can never ever run out of juice. That is one of the most inexcusable wedding photographer sins out there and should well be avoided. Here is a news flash for you if this is something that you have never done before: one battery is not enough for you to last an entire wedding coverage shoot. You need at least two extra camera batteries set aside and fully charged so that you can be rest assured in the fact that you will never ever run out of batteries. You do not want to end up dumbfounded and just a tad bit silly having to make up an excuse on why you missed some moments in the wedding event. You owe your paying clients so much more than that. Please give them exactly what they have paid for and do not neglect this.

You will really need a second shooter one way or the other.

If this is something that you are slightly worried about, that is quite understandable. After all, a second camera in itself is already pretty expensive; imagine how the costs will rack up if you will have to hire a second shooter. If you are extremely smart and resourceful, this is something that you can easily get away with and still face the problem with a solution spot on. Get in touch with some of the new wedding photographers in your area and ask around if they will be willing to trade services with you. If they will agree to become a second shooter in your event, you will return the favor by being a second shooter in theirs. Chances are, you have just about the same challenges and dilemma they are facing. It really is all a matter of being able to tap into a mutually beneficial agreement at the end of the day. You will have no added cost and they will most likely bring their own cameras for the coverage. It really will get to solve the problem and you are basically hitting two birds with one stone.

Back up your files accordingly; twice if you can.

Your files are your most important products. They are the tiny drops of nectar that come from hours and hours of gleaning through hard work, time, and possibly punishing your feet from standing and running around all throughout the event. Make sure that you back up your files safely and properly. At this point in time, you cannot afford to be neglectful with them. Invest in two external hard drives and store them in different places. That way, if something happens to one, you will still have the other. Make it a habit to really clean out your memory cards after every single use. This will help them last longer and will help you avoid the issue of getting your files corrupted in the middle of a shoot.


wedding photographyIf you have a schedule for a bride and groom photo shoot before the wedding starts, always expect that time allotted to pretty much be cut in half. For example, if the bride and groom gave you an hour before the wedding starts, chances are, you will only be getting thirty minutes. Plan your schedule around this particular kind of possibility because anything and everything can happen during the actual wedding day and it is extremely important that you are able to pretty much manage your expectations well ahead of time. Wedding photographers Ireland are great in managing their schedule for a wedding event..

You have to understand the fact that your time alone with the bride and with the groom is extremely limited and once you actually get to be in that window, you have to utilize and maximize that said allotted time. Make sure that you are able to get all of the shots that you would like to get and be as efficient as possible. Plan the poses ahead of time and visit the venue ahead of time as well so that you know exactly where to position them and not end up wasting any time mulling over what the next big pose should be.

Talk to the bride and ask for an assistant or coordinator for the actual wedding day

You need to have that important go-to person that you can go ahead and consult in the event that you have any questions or anything of the like. During the actual wedding day, there is a very huge probability that you will not be able to get some time alone with the bride and groom in order for you to ask any questions that you may need some answers for. Try to ask for someone who is a “key player” who knows all of the family members and who knows what the bride and groom’s preferences are in terms of how things go.

This is something that you will especially be thankful for and appreciate when it is time for you to do the family shots. The bride and groom will oftentimes be in all of the shots so it is highly unlikely that they will actually be available for any kind of questions or confirmations. Your go-to person will help you point out which family member goes with which group.

Bring some sticky tape along for good measure

In wedding photography, you need to brace yourself and prepare appropriately for any possible fashion mishaps that might happen because believe it or not, there will be something there one way or the other. Sticky tape is one of the most versatile and practical fashion “band aid” that you could ever bring to the celebrations. You will be surprised at how many bad stitching jobs can turn up in the most unexpected of moments. The groom’s pants may be too long, one of the bridesmaids’ dresses may unravel at the hems, and so on and so forth. It will probably be even quite safe to say that there is nothing that sticky tape cannot do for as far as fixing any fabric related problems.


wedding photographerThe first and the most important thing that you would need to understand would have to be the fact that wedding dresses come in white more often than not. That has always been the case for the past one hundred years or so and it looks like that will be the case moving forward. It does not look like the white dress thing will be going away any time soon and you should seriously work it out because this is something that wedding photographers have been dealing with for the longest time possible. The white dress can come with an awful lot of challenges though. How it works is that the light meter of your camera will notice the wedding dress and not understand why it is something that is so white.

It will not recognize it as something that is white either. It will think that the wedding dress is a giant bright spot that needs to be dealt with. The point of the matter though is that it is just white, not too bright. What you need to start doing is to dial in some positive exposure compensation in your camera at some point. It is one of the quickest and most practical fixes that you could ever get your hands on. It will fix your problem within seconds.

Second camera

Another important note that wedding photographers should be taking by all means is the fact that they need a second camera, period. There are no if’s and but’s and absolutely no way around this. It is something that is extremely handy in the event that something happens to your primary gear. You need some kind of insurance to keep you covered if something ever happens. The insurance part aside, having a second body camera will let you switch in between lenses smoothly and without too much hassle. You will need more than just a change of perspective every now and again and having a second camera with a different kind of lens will give you just that.

If you are just starting out and you do not have the right kind or amount of money for it just yet, there is no need to worry, you don’t have to buy one just yet. Try to look and ask around if you have any fellow photographer friends who might be interested in letting you borrow one as a favor. If you do not have that option however, there are a lot of places that will let you borrow a second body camera for a respectable enough price.

Help and preparation

The point is the fact that it is always an uphill struggle when you are just beginning to work out your career as a Suffolk wedding photographer. You will need all the help and all the preparation that you can ever get your hands on at some point. Do all of the necessary research and brace yourself for all of the possible expenses that technically come along with it. You will not be getting a return on your investments right away but you will eventually get the returns pretty soon if you are patient and diligent enough.


wedding photographyCapture all of the details of the wedding dress and make sure that you do not forget about the train.

If there is one thing that you should absolutely not forget or neglect in wedding photography, it would have to be the wedding dress and the train in particular. Brides literally spend a fortune, a king’s ransom, an arm and a leg (however you would like to depict the term expensive) to make sure that they get the prettiest and the most gorgeous looking bridal dress out there for the most important day of their lives. As the wedding photographer bristol, you should work on committing to doing justice to the dress. They only get to wear it once and only during that particular day. They will not exactly be able to wear it again.

The photos that come out of what you produce are the only things they will have left when everything is done and over with. If you neglect the dress, the bride will never forgive you for that particular misstep.

Be a little more spontaneous with the photos you are filming.

This really varies depending on the kind of wedding photography style that you are looking for. But regardless of the style, you should seriously leave some breathing room for the more candid and naturally occurring moments. Being organized and prepared is great and all that but you are also looking for unique and great shots that are out of the ordinary. These shots are extremely hard to come by if all that you focus on is just the choreographed photos. Be on your toes and stay alert. Keep an eye out for interesting photo op moments that are unplanned or unrehearsed.

Give yourself a little more room to breathe while you are doing your coverage.

Weddings are long and tiring. They are hands down one of the most difficult things to cover in the world of photography. There is a lot of running around and monumental or important moments that you can’t miss and so many things can go wrong with just a drop of a hat. That is why you need to give yourself a break if you can find the opportunity. Nobody likes looking at photos of people eating so you should probably pick that timeframe to grab a bite yourself and relax a little. Nothing great comes out of a stressed wedding photographer.

Move around a lot.

There are so many things happening all at once in a wedding. The last thing that you need to do is to stay glued to one spot and be limited to that range of view. Move around a lot and always look out for great photo opportunities. Change the perspectives a bit every now and then and put in a new spin on the scene if you can.

It’s ok to let the people attending the wedding have a little fun and it’s OK to take photos of them as well. It doesn’t always have to be all serious and boring. A little fun and personality can go a long way too.


wedding photographerIf you want to become a really skilled wedding photographer, you have to be prepared for a bit of a journey because this is not the easiest thing that you could ever come across with at some point. You need to think things through and really think about whether or not this is something that you can really do and pull off at some point. Wedding photography is a tough crowd to market. This is mainly due to the tons of different options made available out there at some point.

The crowd is choosy and tough but the competition is something that is even way tougher. There are a lot of wedding photographers out there who have already pretty much established themselves in the industry but you can definitely weasel your way in with the right kind of strategy and planning.

Learn something new

A wedding photographer will never pass up an opportunity to learn something new. Photography is an ever evolving and ever changing craft and if you would like to stay in the industry and pretty much thrive in it at some point, then you should be willing enough to learn as much as you can. Try to look into what kinds of training, classes, or seminars so that you can add on to whatever skills you may already have. This may cost you something that first but you have to remember and pretty much understand that education is just as much as an investment as the next high end DSLR camera out there.

Prepares well

A skilled photographer will also make sure that he prepares everything well ahead of time both set-wise and gear-wise and pretty much everything else in between. If this is something that you would like to be, then you should be sure to really think things through and prepare everything well ahead of time. Scout the wedding venues even before the wedding date so that you can see how the shadows and light come into play. Do some practice shots and try to see if you can include the couple as well in the entire process. You can even put this up as an engagement photo shoot. It will look attractive for the clients whom you are bringing in.

Maintains gear

A skilled photographer makes sure that he takes care of his gear and maintains everything and make sure it is spic and span and clean as a whistle. As a wedding photographer, your gear is one of your biggest investments. You should go well out of your way to make sure that you clean and store your cameras and all of your accessories routinely after every single use. This will prolong the life of your equipment. Store them individually and store then accordingly. Invest in a high quality camera bag so keep your assets protected.

Savvy in networking

A skilled wedding photographer andover will also make sure that he is savvy with the networking side of things. Learn how to speak up and introduce yourself and what you do to people. Tap into the wedding industry social circle by making friends with wedding planners, florists, etc. and give out your business cards in all of the right places.


wedding photographyExperience

If you ever want to be able to make it as a professional wedding photographer, you need to have enough experience so that you have something to spring yourself from first. Experience is one of the biggest requirements for anyone to be a wedding photographer – at least next to the cameras he uses. This may sound ironic, don’t you think? You need to have an experience of covering weddings first before you start officially covering wedding events. How you can do this is by contacting any professional wedding photographers you may know and ask if they will allow you to assist them in the wedding events that they are covering.

This will be the perfect chance for you to get your feet wet before you head out and start getting your own clients at some point. You may also practice by covering the wedding events of family members and friends and you can do it for free to begin with so that you get nothing but takers.


If it is still a bit premature for you to go ahead and assemble your very own team, then at least get someone to assist you when covering your first few wedding events. Weddings are extremely huge events that require a lot of coverage in terms of the work that is being put in. Recruit at least one other person to be in your team to help cover up the ground work. You don’t always need to put them on payroll just yet. What you can try to do is to get someone on a commission basis. That way, you are not pressured of the upkeep and can instead just pay whenever you get a gig.

Formal Training

Get as much formal training as you can get your hands on, if you get to have the chance. A formal background in something technical like wedding photography Hertfordshire will ensure that you get to have first dibs on all of the high profile photography jobs available out there. You will also know a whole lot of things about the technical aspect of things and have some sort of methodology to the things that you do for as far as wedding photography is concerned. It is one of the best investments that you can ever make because it involves new skills being learned and that is something that no one can take away from you.

You need to make it your priority to always converse with your clients in the most open and candid of ways, if you can. Talking to your clients may seem daunting at first but if you seriously start to commit on this, you and your clients can establish a nice working relationship. Getting everything discussed in detail will mean that you more or less have everything pre-planned and pre-agreed and what that means is that there are less surprises and satisfaction is almost always guaranteed because there are no surprising curveballs swinging around. This also means that you will be getting better recommendations in the future because of the mere fact that you and your clients are able to see eye to eye.


tripodTripods are perfect tools to use for instances where there is not a lot of natural light readily available. Wedding photographers may film in different times of the day, and it is really depending more on what the clients’ preferences are. The issue with having a relatively low amount of natural lighting, such as what the case is when filming during sunsets and nighttime is that the camera adjusts by shifting to a slower shutter speed. This will enable the camera to adjust and still be able to take bright enough photos despite the obvious lack in natural lighting. The downside to this though is that there’s an involuntary camera shake that comes along with it which may result to blurred images. You can avoid or mitigate this risk by having a tripod used and set in place.

Tripods are multipurpose and flexible

Mind you, these extremely useful tools are not just for holding the cameras; they can hold pretty much anything you need. They can hold the light, an umbrella for outdoor settings, a camcorder, a flash unit, a reflector – you name it, you got it. Basically anything and everything under the sun that is related to photography can pretty much be held up by a tripod. If that isn’t reason enough for you to purchase it, we honestly don’t know what will.

Taking close up shots

When you are taking close up shots, you can also highly benefit from using a tripod. What you need to understand about getting portrait photos that are usually extremely close up is the fact that any minor movements or nay miniscule changes at all whatsoever, will most likely change the effect that you are going for in the photos. You need to have the camera as stable and as grounded as possible and there’s nothing better out there for that than a good quality tripod to basically hold your camera up.

Long filming sessions

When you are held up in long filming sessions, the use of a tripod will help you take stable enough photos despite the fact that you can be in there for hours. Over a long expanse of time, having a handheld camera and going about it all throughout the shoot will leave you tired and exhausted and your hands may not always be as stable and as shake free as you would like it to be. You can change the perspectives and the angles and everything else without being able to tire yourself out. This is an extremely nifty device for wedding photographers London to invest in.

Telephoto lens usage

If you are using a telephoto lens, using a tripod will also be extremely useful to you. Telephoto lenses are very hard and challenging to steady and to keep stable. Due to the lengthy focal capacity of the lens, it can drastically magnify any vibrations caused by the shutter clicks of the camera. It’s a very general rule of thumb. Slow shutter speeds should equate to the usage of a tripod. Take note of this and you can never go wrong for as long as a telephoto lens is concerned.


event photography tipsAlways have more than just one camera in tow

Again, we say this over and over again time and time again but we feel as if this is still not being reiterated enough just yet – you need more than just one camera when covering event photography gigs. It would perhaps even be fair to say that you need quite an army of cameras particularly if it’s a really huge event. These things don’t come cheap but if you get to play your cards right and if you are able to thrive in the niche market of event photography, these investments will double, triple and even quadruple the initial amount of money you have put in for the equipment.

Assemble a team to help you out when covering event photography gigs

Again, events that have a budget that is big enough to allot some money to hire out professional event photographers should already tell you right off the bat that they’re pretty big and going in solo or with just one other person just won’t cut it. You will need a fully functioning team of three or more people. Go through the things that are required of you in the contract again and make sure that you are able to satisfy all avenues. You are dealing with veritable professionals in these events and it should be just fair that you bring in you’re A game in all this as well. Plus, a team provides you with the necessary safety net in order for you to be able to mitigate all the possible risks that may suddenly pop up.

Collect an assortment of lenses so you have variety in your shots

Different kinds of lenses provide you with different kinds of perspectives that will ultimately deliver different kinds of results. You owe it to yourself and to your clients to make sure that you are able to thrive in all that artistic capabilities by investing in a good assortment of lenses that will make you do your job beautifully.

Learn how to professionally touch up the photos post shoot

The amount of work that goes in the post shoot processing is just as tedious and just as technically and artistically challenging as the amount of work that goes in the actual filming process itself. You need to make sure that you are not lacking in any of those departments by all means. Take some classes. Get yourself trained. You can even teach yourself if you have the knack for that. The point is, you need to learn it and you need to be able to do it in order for you to complete the event photography job package.

Always scout the location before the event day itself.

Expert event photographers always scout the venues ahead of time. It’s both out of novelty and practicality. You get to seep in the vibes of the place and at the same time get practice shots so that you are better acquainted with it the moment the actual event rolls in.


wedding photography tipsHave the couple of people walk away from you then walk back again

Walking is one of the most natural and calming physical activities out there and is certainly a trick that you can use for your natural wedding photography style. It would be more natural looking if the people you photograph are talking about something while they are walking around. Walking and talking is the perfect combination if you are going for something casual and personal. It does not look contrived and it takes advantage of varied expressions coming from people’s faces brought on by them actually talking about something.

Encourage the people you photograph to let their personalities shine through

Natural wedding photography is not always about the candid and almost blank looking expressions of looking out into somewhere far. Sometimes, it can also be about the actual people that you photograph. Encourage them to feel free to really be themselves. Tell them that it’s actually OK to be a little silly during the photo shoot. Make them feel comfortable enough to pull it off.

Encourage people in group photographs to build a physical connection to each other

Group photos can be tricky in natural wedding photography because people oftentimes feel the need to really pose and be serious when they think of wedding photo shoots. Although that may sometimes be true, it helps to get more natural looking photos when they don’t have a physical gap in between them. Tell them it’s ok to hold each other, or pat someone’s head, anything at all to sort of get rid of the distance at some point.

Learn how to properly compliment women you take pictures of

This is an arsenal that you should have up your sleeve whether you’re into photography or not. Natural wedding photography is all about pulling out those facial expressions that would not have been possible with a more staged setting. A nice compliment every once in a while can really brighten up someone’s face and can really turn out looking great in the photos.

Learn to stay alert and look out for people who are deep in conversation

People look interesting and more real when they are talking to each other. Rome around and look for traces of conversations and try to photograph as candidly as you possibly can, hopefully without the use of flash so as not to be impolite and end up disrupting the conversation.

Photograph couples almost kissing

Couples look great whether on camera or off of it. Natural wedding photography is all about encouraging mystery and intrigue and nothing intrigues you more than wondering if they really kissed or not. It’s the oldest trick in the book but something that always works. And besides, capturing true love is something that’s a bit hard to get tired of, don’t you think? You might meet raised eyebrows or the feeling that the idea is a bit cheesy but it really does photograph well and is something that you should try out.


wedding couple1. Put up a blog and stick to a schedule when you update it.

Wedding photography is all about getting your presence known both online and offline and keeping a steady stream of inspiration and tips to keep you active and updated in the industry. People will want to know who you are and how you work before they even talk to you or set up a meeting with you. Getting your presence out there in the World Wide Web will increase your chances of getting to the people who might need your services the most. Stick to a schedule that will be easy to remember and work on that routine tirelessly.

2. Create your online portfolio to showcase the best of your projects and works.

Again, this goes back to your online presence, only so much more. This is also your online resume. Take the time to really sift through the projects that you have done in the past and try to see if this is something that really represents you and what you stand for in the world of wedding photography. Make sure that you post only the most excellent and outstanding of your work. Remember, you are trying to reel clients in, not push them away.

3. Make sure you have all the gear that you need.

Your camera is your proverbial fishing hook, you might as well make sure that it is top of the line and updated enough to bring in the big fish. Invest in cameras that will be able to deliver high quality and high resolution images. Know your gear inside and out. Familiarize yourself with all of the buttons, all of the settings, and all of the modes that it may come along with. This is the one thing that you absolutely cannot cheapen out on so pool your funds and get ready for this one big purchase if you don’t have it yet.

4. Invest in great editing software to help you polish your images post shoot.

The filming process is quite important but so is the post shoot and editing process. You should know how you will be able to touch up and “fix” your photos and have access to great editing software that will enable you to do all of those things. You will not always be able to take perfect photos and you will be touching up a lot of them, either for corrective or artsy purposes so the software really is a necessity pretty much the same way that the camera is a necessity.

4. Plan out your pricing packages and make them attractive enough to bring in clients.

Create tiered pricing packages that are simple and concise. Flowery words do not always make the cut. Go straight to the point and be inclusive of the kind of products and services they will be getting and have them all in black and white. Be reasonable with your pricing and study the costing close enough to make it workable both for you and your prospective clients.

5. Do not be ashamed to network with other professionals during the wedding day event.

Be friendly to the wedding planners, they have all of the right connections and upcoming clients. Give out your business cards to the florists, caterers, and even to the waiters. You never know when good opportunities come your way.