Anticipate few bookings at first

wedding photographyWhat wedding photographers who are still quite new to the industry should pre-empt or anticipate is the fact that they won’t really be getting a lot of bookings at first. As a matter of fact, if this is something that you would like to get into as a career, aside from a few friends as well as a few members of your family, you’ll be lucky if anyone gets to book you at all. This is because the need for wedding photographers usually comes with  a need for well established social media and blog sites as well as interesting and comprehensive portfolios as well.

Most of the clients will be quite keen on looking at the other images that you may have produced before just to gauge whether or not the kind of photography style that you have is something that will more or less fit the bill for what they are looking for. They will not be too excited to hire you if they know that you haven’t really covered any weddings before.

No one would want to pay a good amount of money and just end up being some newbie’s guinea pig, after all. That’s just something that can turn out to be risky. Most couples will not even attempt to trust you enough to be a secondary wedding photographer, if ever. This is a harsh reality that you need to prepare yourself for because the wedding photography industry can be a really tough industry to get into. The clients can be quite picky and they usually very specific with what they would like to get out of the wedding photographers that they do hire so don’t feel bad if you don’t end up with back to back bookings just yet.

Work on conceptual personal projects

One way for you to get to fill up your portfolio even if you aren’t really booking any clients yet is to take the time to work on conceptual personal projects. This is something that can really inspire you to be creative as well as challenge you to constantly push the limits on what you think wedding photographers can do. This keeps the creative juices running even if you’re still more or less waiting for that first big break that will really get to put you on the map of the eligible and credentialed or qualified wedding photographers in your area. More than that, your potential clients will have something that they can review that they will be able to use as some kind of gauge on whether or not your photography style is something that they might want to work with when it all comes down to it.

Contact more experienced wedding photographers

Another trick for you to start getting some experience as a wedding photographer hampshire is to try to contact the other more experienced and more established wedding photographers in your area. Try to offer your services as a second shooter or apply for internships that have a similar job description to that. This is great for getting your face and your name out there as well as getting your feet wet on what wedding photographers do on a daily basis or when they have wedding photography shoots that they need to prepare for.


Wear a comfortable pair of shoes

wedding photography tipsMake it a point to always make sure that you are able to wear a comfortable pair of shoes during the wedding photography shoots that you cover. Your role as a wedding photographer is very important because the moments only happen once during a wedding. Once it is all said and done, they won’t really have anything to remember you by other than the pictures that you were able to take about the event. what this means is that you can’t afford to miss or to slip up.

You need to make sure that you are able to run around and go after the moments as they happen.

This is where the comfortable pair of shoes comes in. you need to make sure that you will be able to really be active enough as a wedding photographer so that you can chase after anything and anyone you need to and so that you can hurry over to a certain position while you are anticipating the next series of shoes that you will be taking. Although it would be nice to look good in the shoot as the official wedding photographer, you shouldn’t aim to do it up to a point wherein you end up giving up your comfort altogether. Try to go for a little bit of both as much as possible so that you will always be able to deliver on the wedding photography shoot that you are trying to bring together at the end of the day.

Take care of the people who are trying to be annoying and who are more or less trying to disrupt you and your wedding photography shoot.

You need to make sure that you are able to really stand your ground as the official wedding photographer. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed over by nosey or overly enthusiastic friends and relatives who are attending the wedding. Make it a point to really talk to them and tell them that you will be giving some time for them in between takes so that they will be able to snap in their own photos but that you will really appreciate it if they don’t meddle with the time that you take your shots as the wedding photographer who is trying to provide coverage for the wedding of the bride and groom. Most of them will respect this right off the bat but there are some who might need reminding. Keep your cool as much as possible and be professional and unemotional, if you will be able to help it.

Discuss the entire wedding photography agreement with the bride and with the groom.

They need to know exactly what they should be expecting from the services rendered by their wedding photographer. Be upfront and straight to the point when it comes to answering any questions that they might possibly have. Don’t come up with any curveballs or any surprises along the way because this is something that might ruin your reputation as a wedding photographer Scotland. Lay it to them straight and be honest and sincere all of the time.

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Make sure that you do not miss out on the wedding rehearsal no matter what happens.

wedding photography tipsYour role as the official wedding photographer does not just start on the actual wedding day alone. As a matter of fact, you need to make sure that you are really able to put in all of the necessary preparations in order for you to make sure that you come in more equipped and readier than ever the moment that you try to go through with your wedding photography shoot. The wedding rehearsal is something that can provide you with a more relaxed and unofficial or informal setting that will allow you to get to know the relatives as well as the close friends of the bride and groom along with the rest of the main key players of the wedding party.

Talk to them and introduce yourself as much as possible.

This is also the best venue for you to try to ease your presence and make them feel a little more comfortable with having you around and with seeing you behind the camera lens all of the time. Somehow, it feels less awkward for people when they are more or less familiar with the wedding photographer waterford. That is why you need to put in the extra effort of attending the rehearsal because it will make things pan out for you so much easier during the main wedding photography event.

Talk to the bridesmaids before they make the bridal march.

They play a really important role when it comes to setting the mood or the vibe of the rest of the people in the church or in the room right before the time that the bride makes her grand entrance marking the start of the wedding ceremony and basically marking the formalities of the wedding. Give them a few quick tips on how to make the bridal walk work for them and make them come out looking great during the wedding photography shoot. Give them a few basic tips such as the right way to hold their bouquets, the right way to walk, where to look, to smile, and so on and so forth. These are pretty basic stuff but weddings can be really crazy and hectic at times that it can seriously take their focus away from what they should be doing. Giving them a few basic reminders will help whip them up to shape for the wedding photography shoot.

Don’t skip the bridals

Don’t make the mistake of skipping the bridals together or of squeezing it in the same day as with the actual wedding day. No matter how good you get in wedding photography, it will still be a bit of a close call and that is why you should go out of your way to make sure that they are scheduled separately as much as possible. There are so many things that can go wrong in wedding photography and compounding the risks even more by keeping the bridals shoot and the main wedding photography shoot all in the same day can have truly tragic results if you are not careful.


wedding photographyAn avenue that you should take a look at while you are preparing to cover a certain couple’s wedding as their official same sex wedding photographer is the issue of any family sensitivities. The thing about same sex couples when they get married is that their parents or their families in general may at times not find this union agreeable. Although there are some families that are quite supportive of their children regardless of what their romantic preferences may be or regardless of who they will choose to marry, not all families will be as open or as accepting.

This means that you will be treading on thin ice as a same sex wedding photographer all throughout the time that you are trying to provide coverage for the couple. You need to make sure that you are equipped with enough info for you to be able to go ahead and navigate the photo shoot the right way as much as possible.

Talk to couple ahead of time

Talk to the couple ahead of time so that you will be able to figure out whether they have the support of their families or whether they have built up a loving family comprised of friends who respect and who support them all the way. This will help you avoid any embarrassing situations wherein you might ask them for people to come up and pose for the “family photos”. It doesn’t always work that way with same sex wedding photography shoots and that is something that you should know and respect all the same as a same sex wedding photographer.

You also need to be sensitive with the pronouns that you use all throughout the event.

As a same sex wedding photographer, you will be addressing people all of the time. It would be so much better if you talk to the couple ahead of time to see how they would like to be addressed when it all comes down to it. There are some who prefer pronouns that are not really all that common or are not exactly what you would initially expect and that is why communication is your best line of defence when it comes to dealing with things like these at the end of the day.

There are some who prefer to do away with pronouns altogether.

Although this may seem like something totally different from what you have been used to dealing with during the earlier parts of your career as a professional photographer, you need to understand that you need to ride along with change if you would like to evolve and more or less expand your clientele as well. As a same sex wedding photographer, you will be able to dominate a certain niche that other more conventional wedding photographers don’t want to handle or deal with when it all comes down to it. Their loss can be your winning point and that is why you should constantly look out for ways for you to be a better same sex wedding photographer.


Hone your skills continuously

wedding photography tipsIf you feel as if your skills in wedding photography is a constant work in progress, that is basically of the fact that when it all comes down to it, it actually is. If you would like to be a true expert in wedding photography, what you need to understand is that this is a kind of process that never really stops when you are able to achieve something huge or something amazing. You will still need to plow on continue further and add on to what you already know about the process and about wedding photography in particular. This means that how it will turn out is that you will need a lot of time and experience on your side before you will be given the credentials and the right to call yourself a master in your field of wedding photography.

As a matter of fact, it is actually common knowledge among professionals that you ultimately need to put in roughly around ten thousand working hours of on the craft that you have chosen to specialize in before you will be able to consider yourself as an expert. The whole point of the discussion is that you need to have a little more patience with yourself all throughout the process and don’t be frustrated if you don’t get everything all at once.

Try to figure out what makes you unique and what makes you stand out in the wedding photography field.

You should try to make those things work for you at the end of the day. Don’t be too keen on trying to mimic people because you will only be retracing their steps. You will not be making your own steps towards success in wedding photography. Don’t be afraid to be different or to be original because that is the high road that most of these successful experts in wedding photography have taken beforehand. The path will not always be smooth and easy and the climb will almost always be uphill but what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that it will really all be worth it in the end. If you have managed to figure out things that you are good with but they are a bit unorthodox or uncommon, don’t be afraid to explore them. You should instead be excited to try them out and see how they turn out because they might just give your wedding photography career that one last boost for you to start gaining some attention and start booking clients left and right.

Get another job

If you are slightly worried about the fact that you are not really booking any wedding photography clients just yet and your funds are starting to try up, this is probably high time for you to start getting a job to sustain you. You will not be able to expect any substantial profits from your quirky wedding photography business just yet. It will take you years before you get to that point. You need a job to sustain you while you are waiting for your big wedding photography client bookings.


wedding photographyPrepare accordingly for everything that needs to be done.

This may come off sounding apocalyptic or pessimistic in the very least but the truth of the matter is that there are so many things that can go wrong during the wedding day. Wedding photographers who have been there and done that know this for an absolute fact. The last thing that wedding photographers in general would want to be would be to be caught unprepared and completely taken by surprise. When it comes to wedding photography coverage, the main principle that wedding photographers should go by would have to be the principle of backing things up. Always plan well ahead of time and brace yourself for any possible eventualities. Make sure that you have more than enough memory cards (memory space) to last you all throughout the day. Make sure that all of the camera batteries are charged. Make sure that you are well prepared for bad weather if in any case, it does come up. Make sure that you are prepared to shoot for both low and high light settings.

Attend the rehearsals, period.

This will help you acclimate to things better leading up until the wedding day. You will be able to glean a lot of information useful from the sequence of events, to the actual setup of the physical venue, to great spots where you can position people in, and so on and so forth.  Efficient wedding photographers like Lancashire wedding photographer always make sure that they get to manage the expectations of the bride and groom. Always be upfront with the bride and groom. Lay everything out to them all in black and white. Tell them everything that they will be getting up until the very last detail.

Leave no stones unturned if you have any questions about them.

Ask what they would like to get out of your wedding photography service and encourage them to pretty much do the same as well. Discuss the important list of shots that they want to be included in the coverage, the exact number of shots they will be getting, the number of hours they will be getting out of you, how many prints they would like to get produced, what kind of presentation that would like the pictures to be presented in, and so on and so forth. You should also discuss what your exact price is for the service, as well as all of the other items that are technically stipulated in the contract and so on and so forth.

Wedding photographers always employ the art of being invisible.

One of the arts that you will have to make sure you are able to master would have to be the art of being invisible. People tend to have more genuine or authentic expressions on their faces when they do not have the camera so close to their faces all of the time. Try to keep your distance during moments such as the ceremony, the kiss, the speeches, and so on and so forth. Also make it a point to turn off the sound of the camera so that you do not disrupt any solemn moments all throughout the wedding.


Be alert and anticipate the moments before they happenwedding photography tips

Wedding photography is technically all about pre-empting the moments before they occur. As an expert in this field, you will have to make sure that you are able to do that so that you can capture them in the first place. Watch out for social and behavioral cues because once you are able to identify them, you will usually be able to tell what happens next. You have to remember that moments like these happen extremely fleetingly and they can be gone forever if you miss out on documenting them one way or the other. Always be on your toes and figure things out as you go along. Things can be a bit tricky if you are quite new to the wedding photography scene. One thing that you can do to work on this would be to just keep practicing and just keep working at it because eventually, you will be good at it and it will feel like second nature to you.

Kids can be adorable during weddings

There will always be children attending the weddings at some point or so. They do not exactly participate though when you are giving out instructions. They can be a bit trivial and unpredictable and can at times be a bit messy as well. The trick to getting really authentic and natural looking shots would be to just let kids be kids. They will play around and mess around one way or the other and that is just fine. Children are adorable and they bring in a certain sentimental aspect to the wedding photos. Let them be and prepare for the documentation of the really great and innocent moments out for your wedding photos.

Bring a white sheet along

There are certain instances during wedding photography wherein the bride and the groom will be required to pose in outdoor venues such as ponds, by the lake, gardens, pools, and so on and so forth. This is mainly for the bride more than anything else, really. You have to keep in mind of the fact that the bridal dress is technically prevalently white and that is something that you would have to worry about. They will not be too happy to pose for you if they run the risk of ruining their expensive bridal dress at some point or so. Bring a white sheet along with you for the bride and groom to step on during the outdoor photo shoots. It will get to protect the bridal dress and it will also make the bride feel more at ease with things.

Stay calm and take things slow

The rate to which you take your wedding photos does not relate to how efficient you are as a wedding photographer cambridge. Take your time when it comes to the point of you having to take your photos. Take a step back and assess the composition of the picture and take your time.

Learn how to work with natural light

Natural light is technically your best friend. You will need to use it as much as possible and try to veer away from artificial light as much as you possibly can.


tripod useFlimsy tripod

Most of the newcomers in the field of wedding photography usually have one common problem: they end up being strapped for cash when they are starting out. This is something completely understandable. After all, cameras and lenses are considerably big purchases and they most certainly do not come cheap. They really can break the bank when it all comes down to it.

Most wedding photographers opt for cheaper accessories because they are left struggling for finances after their first few big purchases. It may probably be extremely tempting to go for a flimsy tripod because of the fact that is way cheaper than usual but that should not be the case. You will end up wasting more money and more than that, you will end up damaging your equipment.

Can you honestly trust mounting your expensive camera on something that does not guarantee stability? Get it over with and muscle up the courage and the finances to make your one big tripod buy and that is it. It should last you for the rest of your wedding photography career.

Not using the tripod at all

When things get hectic and when there are a lot of things to be planned for and you end up carrying way more stuff than you really wanted to, it is fairly understandable if you would like to leave the tripod behind at first. After all, it can be bulky and it requires some sort of setting up. You would have to carry it around with you as well and that can be a bit of a nuisance. However, what you need to know well in advance is the fact that the pros of bringing your tripod with you will always far outweigh the cons. It is a small price to pay for stability and really great looking photos. If moving it around is a main issue for you, opt to get a tripod that allows for easy transport.

Using the center column for additional elevation

The tripod’s center column is the most vulnerable and sensitive part of the tripod. It is something that you should avoid from touching at all, if you can help it. If you find that you need additional height for your camera angle, then opt to extend the legs of the tripod first. As much as possible, do not touch the center column unless it is absolutely necessary. And if you do so, then you should go ahead and proceed with caution.

Forgetting to level the shoulder of the tripod

Each and every single tripod out there usually comes with a spirit level that will basically indicate whether or not the tripod stands absolutely balanced. Failing to check id it stands level or not will be putting your camera at risk. You have to remember that you are at times using really long lenses in wedding photography. You need to make sure that balance is right at the very top of your priority list so you can protect your gear.


wedding photographyIn wedding photography, you will find that there will be moments during the wedding celebration wherein you are not getting a lot of great expressions such as genuine looking smiles and authentic looking facial expressions from the bride and groom as well as from the rest of the people in attendance. This is something that is not good for you and for the photos that you will be producing. Cheshire wedding photography is all about getting the most natural looking and candid looking images out there.

One of the most probable causes for this is most likely the fact that the people you are taking photos of are getting a little bit tired with being photographed too close for comfort for quite a while already. Not a lot of people like having cameras being shoved in their faces all the time. That is something that you can fix easily by keeping your distance especially during crucial moments that are the most emotional such as during the wedding ceremony, during the toasting and the speeches, and so on and so forth. Arm yourself with a telephoto lens so that you will still be able to take high quality portraits and close up photos without being near the people you are photographing. This should make them comfortable enough to forget the fact that they are being photographed in the first place.

Get to know the maid of honor as well as the best man of the bride and of the groom a little better.

Establish an actual relationship with them. Get close to them to the point wherein you will be able to more or less regard each other by first name basis. You have to understand the fact that weddings can become extremely hectic and people will end up running around and busy during the day of the wedding itself. The last thing that you want to do is to run around with the rest of them looking for the right person to consult or looking for anyone who will be able to give you answers to any questions you may have because the bride and groom are not available enough for you to talk to. This is not something that you would like to do at all. However, if you are close to the maid of honor and the best man, they are usually part of the wedding planning process itself and will know what the bride and groom will prefer if you have any questions to clarify or affirm.

Make sure that you are able to draft out an actual agreement.

It really sets the record straight and explains everything in black and white. The bride and the groom should know exactly what they are signing up for. They should know just how much they are paying and to what extent your services will be provided for one way or the other. There should be no grey areas and there should be no room for guesswork. This is to make sure that you will not end up arguing with your clients at the end of the day.


wedding photography tipsGet candid and natural expressions

Wedding photography is all about making sure that you are able to get the most natural and the most candid expressions that you possibly can. There will be certain moments in wedding photography wherein you will notice the bride and the groom or even the rest of all of the other people in the wedding party beginning to get bored and a little disinterested. It is either that or they will end up feel awkward and uncomfortable one way or the other.

This may be due to the fact that not all people are quite comfortable with regards to being photographed all of the time. If you want to get the best of facial expressions in captured in your photos one way or the other, then you should try to take a step back and keep your distance. Once the cameras are not shoved in their faces, you will see that people will start to feel comfortable and more at ease.

Use telephoto lens

They will start to smile more genuinely and you will be able to come up with great looking photos. This is usually where a telephoto lens comes in handy. A telephoto lens will allow you to more or less keep your distance and still be able to take close up photos at the same time. Tyr to set up a tripod at the back of the room for the best possible support since telephoto lenses have the tendency to have the camera give off some involuntary vibrations.

Be better acquainted with the key players in the wedding.

When you are in a meeting with the bride and with the groom, try to ask for the names and the numbers of the best man and of the maid of honor in the wedding. You will need this particular kind of support when things get busy and a little bit too hectic. What you can be rest assured of is the fact that things will indeed get hectic one way or the other. If you get to know the maid of honor and the best man by first name and be so acquainted with them to the point that you will be able to consult with them anytime you need advice during the wedding, your life will be so much easier at some point. There is a very huge possibility that the bride and groom will not be available to answer your inquiries during the wedding and that is why it is crucial for you to be really close with the rest of the other key players in the wedding so that you have people to go to during times of uncertainty.

Satisfy clients

In wedding photography, you need to make sure that you are able to really satisfy your clients. That is why you need to manage the expectations of the bride and groom well ahead of time. Lay everything out to them and itemize what they will be getting and what they will not be getting at the end of the day. It is important that you lay all of this out in black and white.