How Tripods Are Misused In Wedding Photography

tripod useFlimsy tripod

Most of the newcomers in the field of wedding photography usually have one common problem: they end up being strapped for cash when they are starting out. This is something completely understandable. After all, cameras and lenses are considerably big purchases and they most certainly do not come cheap. They really can break the bank when it all comes down to it.

Most wedding photographers opt for cheaper accessories because they are left struggling for finances after their first few big purchases. It may probably be extremely tempting to go for a flimsy tripod because of the fact that is way cheaper than usual but that should not be the case. You will end up wasting more money and more than that, you will end up damaging your equipment.

Can you honestly trust mounting your expensive camera on something that does not guarantee stability? Get it over with and muscle up the courage and the finances to make your one big tripod buy and that is it. It should last you for the rest of your wedding photography career.

Not using the tripod at all

When things get hectic and when there are a lot of things to be planned for and you end up carrying way more stuff than you really wanted to, it is fairly understandable if you would like to leave the tripod behind at first. After all, it can be bulky and it requires some sort of setting up. You would have to carry it around with you as well and that can be a bit of a nuisance. However, what you need to know well in advance is the fact that the pros of bringing your tripod with you will always far outweigh the cons. It is a small price to pay for stability and really great looking photos. If moving it around is a main issue for you, opt to get a tripod that allows for easy transport.

Using the center column for additional elevation

The tripod’s center column is the most vulnerable and sensitive part of the tripod. It is something that you should avoid from touching at all, if you can help it. If you find that you need additional height for your camera angle, then opt to extend the legs of the tripod first. As much as possible, do not touch the center column unless it is absolutely necessary. And if you do so, then you should go ahead and proceed with caution.

Forgetting to level the shoulder of the tripod

Each and every single tripod out there usually comes with a spirit level that will basically indicate whether or not the tripod stands absolutely balanced. Failing to check id it stands level or not will be putting your camera at risk. You have to remember that you are at times using really long lenses in wedding photography. You need to make sure that balance is right at the very top of your priority list so you can protect your gear.