Event Photography Guide: 5 Things to Remember

event photography We have prepared several things that every photographer in event photography must never forget. Whether you are still a beginner or has already garnered experience in different kinds of events, we know you will benefit by spending no more than 3 minutes reading this!

We all make mistakes and, sometimes, we don’t realize it! Before it causes more damages, let us help you.

1. Remember the event’s information

Remember everything from what the event is about the purpose of the pictures that you took. All this information will guide you towards the best way of capturing event pictures. You will make your plan based on what your client wants to see from the results. You will also know better how to shoot the pictures and where to standby during the event.

There are also details like how many guests will attend it, how long is the event to who are the important figures that are invited. Why are they important to this event or are they celebrities or people who have made a name for themselves.?

2. Note the key figures

These people are VIPs or honored guests of the day. They could be important people to the person who made the event possible, such as sponsors or family members. Make sure that you know who they are and are there when they enter the room. Your client will most likely want to see some decent pictures of them as a respectful gesture to the invited ones and possibly to promote the event in the future.

Arriving early makes it important to make this possible. You want to know when they arrive and snap some pictures when they are greeted by the event holder. SmartPics UK Event Photography is an event photography team who never misses the shots. Just check out their red-carpet collection!

3. Know what you do

Beginners usually are still exploring what they do best in. While you know you want to be an event photographer, you are not sure what kind of photography style you have. Only frequent practices and jobs will show you where is your forte. But for those with decent experience, it’s time that you set yourself different from the others.

What are your best skills and what makes you different from the others? What kind of style and tone do you make to your pictures? Are you good with taking charity or non-profit events or do you work better in big, gala-style events?

4. Enjoy the event

You are not allowed to participate or have fun and be distracted from your job, obviously. But it’s important that you know what’s going on and pay attention to what’s happening on the stage. When jokes are cracked, the audiences will laugh and that’s when you want to snap the moment. When the key figures are spontaneously called on stage, you want to be there to get the moment.

If you can feel what the audiences are feeling about the event, it’ll be easier for you to capture the moments for event photography that your client would want to show to others.