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wedding photographer KentFor a wedding photographer Kent, being their own boss is one goal they strive to attain. This is totally understandable as most humans do not want to be reliant on others to earn a living. However, to gain experience or gather the necessary funds to commence the business working or learning under someone might become necessary. In that case, most of the time working a job or being mentored by someone the focus is on acquiring relevant skills or funds pending the time they can kick off their business.

However, during the process of this mentoring or fund gathering, it is quite easy for individuals to overlook the fact that starting a business is not something that can be done overnight. There is a certain process to it some of them required by law. Below, we have explained some of the requirements:

  • Know the type of business you want

Most people are unaware of the fact that different classes of business exist. For a wedding photographer Kent, you need to decide if your business is going to be operating as a sole proprietorship, partnership, a public or private company. Each class of business has its own unique way of operating. The operation and requirements differ and what may be a pro for one class of business may end up being a con for another class. So, before selecting a business class for yourself or business, carefully consider the options that are available and which one would benefit your goal.

  • Get a Business Name

As a business owner, it is expected that the business you hope to run or are running as its own unique business name. This is the name that will be identified with the business till the time you want it to cease operation or you decide to make certain changes to it. For a business name to be officially recognized as belonging to an individual, it needs to be registered with the body or arm of government responsible for such. It is important to note that when it comes to business names, a government database might already have names similar to the one you have in mind. If you go for a name already in use your application will be rejected.

  • Get a Tax Identification Number

You definitely did not think that you would generate income from your photography business and not remit tax to the appropriate authority, or did you? The best way to go about settling your tax obligation is by requesting for a tax identification number that will be associated with your business. Since you are self-employed you may find yourself taxing yourself for Personal Income Tax and if you own a company, you are also expected to pay Tax on the profit of that as well. If you do not understand the intricacies of the tax system, get legal advice! You do not want to be fined for tax evasion.

For more information on requirements to start a business as a wedding photographer Kent, Penny Young Photography

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer CardiffThis is the 21st century where man has developed technology to satisfy his needs. Everything is now digital and businesses understand the fact that if they stay within the walls of brick and mortar to conduct transactions, they might very well die away. As such, most companies are redefining their processes and strategy to include the use of a different digital mediums.

With these digital mediums, they are able to keep in touch with their customers and monitor what is being said about them. The advent of social media has redefined the way consumers and businesses interact with each other. As a wedding photographer Cardiff, you should ensure that you are on these social media platforms and make sure they work for your benefit.

Once you make the conscious decision to take your business digital, you gain access to the following benefits:

Promote your services

Different social media platforms from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc have different advertising plans available. If you want to market your services to huge populace, it can be done easily and at an affordable price. By promoting your services on this platform, you gain access to a huge populace beyond Adelaide.

Easy access to customers

Individuals love it when they are able to interact with companies or businesses they patronize without leaving their homes. The world is going digital and most business transactions are now being conducted over the phone or via the internet from different parts of the world. Social media platforms also make it easy for customers to have access to the businesses which seemed like they were so far away.

An example is the fact that customers can make complaints or enquiries all online and it will be attended to. For the wedding photographer, he or she is able to stay in touch with past customers and connect with new ones.

Display your work

On social media sites, you can display your work for the general public to view. Your works can serve as your content and consumers love interacting with content. The content you post can generate sales leads for you and make individuals curious about your services. These sales leads can turn into customers and the cycle keeps repeating itself

Identify Customers Needs

You are online which means you are closer to your customers. You are able to take a look at their thought patterns and gain insight into their lives through their posts. From these posts you can form an understanding of who these customers are and what they like. You can then redefine your services or products in a way that satisfies them.

The fact that you have services or products targeted at them leaves them with a better impression of who you are and makes it easier for them to promote your services to others.

Stay ahead of the competition

Surveys show that most businesses are yet to adapt to digital trends. The ones that are digital are also yet to fully tap into the market available. Therefore, as a wedding photographer Cardiff with stiff competition, this is one of the ways to stay ahead.

Wedding Photography

gay wedding photographerDo you really think it is necessary to consider your gay wedding photographer when selecting a venue for your weeding? Well in my honest opinion, I would say yes. This is because photographers play a significant role on your wedding day. Wedding are like sacred moments that needs to be cherished, your wedding photographer is saddled with the responsibilities of capturing true and unforgettable memories on that big day so it is very important for him to be a part of your plan so that at the end of the day, everyone is happy.

What type/style of photography does your wedding photographer specialises on

Considering the type of photography you want for your wedding, carrying your photographer along together with making your selection of a wedding venue would definitely be a good one. This gives the wedding photographer an insight of what to expect or the kind of photography to use. For instance, outdoor wedding makes your photographer prepare towards the event such as knowing the lightening quality, the decoration colours and if there any limitations as to the use the amenities provides in such venues. The type of wedding photography your wedding photographer uses matters a lot because the style of photography has to match with the wedding venue.

Transport and Proximity

Proximity from the location of your gay wedding photographer to the venue of the wedding is really important. Questions like “how convenient will it be for the photographer to get to the wedding venue on time” transportation can be a major problem especially when you are using a venue that is far away from the city or on the outskirts of the town. It is important that your wedding photographer gets to the wedding venue on time to take his first shots and maybe get a proper glimpse of the wedding venue and probably take independent photos of the wedding entrance and even the wedding cake before the start of the event.

Is your wedding photographer familiar with the selected venue?

Before finally making a choice of your wedding venue, find out if the wedding photographer you may likely use is very familiar with the venue or is environs. The more a wedding photographer is familiar with a place, the easier it gets. At such points, the photographer already knows the crooks and corners of the venue thus knows the exact spots to take mind blowing wedding shots.

It is very important to work hand in hand with your wedding photographer when selecting a venue. Sometimes, It is best to give your wedding photographer an opportunity in advising on the best location to use because as an experienced wedding photographer, he/she might come up with amazing ideas of the kind of locations to use to get wow results images and portraits. Photographers are like artists that help you tell a thousand stories about your wedding in picture form.

If you need more insights and ideas about choosing the perfect wedding venues that would be convenient for both you and your gay wedding photographer, check out They give the best tips and ideas about wedding locations and ideas.


wordpress support for photographersThere are many things one has to do once you own a website. It can really take a lot of time to understand them and you are probably caught between paying more for the service or trying to handle everything yourself. Let us tell you for now, why you will need a professional WordPress support for photographers.

Setting up and deploying your site

The first step is to set up your own site from any platform that you want. Most photographers use WordPress because it is very easy to use and everything has been set up for you to use. Even so, you still need to find a host to house your site at and this is a task you need to research about. Different hosts offer different features of different prices.

The best hosts have good latency, loads page quick and do not have too many downtimes. Even if it occurs, it has to be during the hour when least people are active. You need to go through a lot of reviews and may even have to try different hosts from time to time.


A site has to maintained from time to time to keep its content updated and protected from cyber attacks. There are many kinds of attacks and you probably don’t know 99% of them. It takes a lot of time to learn what they are and then set up a defense against the attacks. A photographer has a lot to do, not just sitting in front of your computer 24/7!

A professional WordPress support for photographers from MyPhotoCTO will help you take care of the site. That includes maintaining the site to keep it up and running as well as protected from malicious software and users.

Images and pictures

Among many things, you might have uploaded pictures the most and this must often make the pages load slower. Keep the images optimized because users take only a few moments to visit and close the pages. Optimized pages are also preferred by search engines to be ranked up high. Those pictures are also how people will like you and seek your services.

You also need to name those files and make sure that people can find them based on those words. You can use the name of places or type of the place captured in those pictures. Put in short, concise description and use only related taglines to the pictures.

Content optimization

Words are what most people use to search for photographers. Those keywords that guide people to your page have to be used more often to make it even easier to rank high in search results. But how do you know which keywords work best with you? The support team that we mentioned is one of those who helps you with it.

WordPress support for photographers is necessary if you want to focus on what you do best. Don’t let yourself get distracted by things that take way too much time to understand and master. Let those who are good at it help you with your site and you can move on to deepen your skills in photography.

Newborn Photography

baby photoshootAs a doting parent of an adorable baby, you need to be aware of all the things that a baby photoshoot must have. Never settle for anything less, especially when your baby’s health and welfare is at hand. Though photography studios are equipped with all the necessary equipment, furniture, and props to keep your baby safe, you still need to make sure that all things are present.

Photography equipment

Passionate baby photographers who are dedicated to their craft invest in sophisticated photography equipment to capture the essence of a baby’s life. Make it a point to inquire what kind of cameras and lenses they are using, and figure out if they are high quality or not. Since you will be paying for baby photography, settle for the best only.

Soft box

A soft box is a photography equipment that creates soft and even lighting coupled with softer shadows and lessened harshness that does not annoy your baby while the photoshoot happens. The beautiful light that a soft box emits plays beautifully on the background, and does not hurt the fragile eyes of your little angel.

Backdrops and stand

A unique backdrop is needed to create various impressions for the baby photoshoot. Check which available backdrops are suitable for your precious little human, and give your suggestion to the baby photographer. The studio for the shoot must have a reliable and durable backdrop stand to avoid any accident during the photoshoot.

Bed alternatives

In a photoshoot for babies, there needs to be items where your baby can be put to lie down for the shoot. The studio must have high quality and hypoallergenic beanbag, couch, small baby bed, ottoman, beanbag, and any other bed alternatives to use for your baby to sleep in or lay down in during the photography session. Always check first if the items are clean, and do not hesitate to ask when they were last cleaned.


Props are typical items that can be found in a photography studio. Remember that your baby is not the only session they have for the day, or for the whole week. Make it a point to inquire if the props are washed every after baby shoot session. You never know what germs or bacteria are left from the previous shoots, and so you need to double check.

White noise machine or app

White noise machine is an expensive piece of appliance that is designed to provide calm and relaxation to babies. This is necessary to avoid fussing of your baby. If the studio does not have one, then at least a white noise app must be in place.

Space heater

Your baby is expected to be photographed without or with minimal clothes. The studio needs to have a space heater so your baby will not catch a chill and get sick. Besides, babies crave for warmth at all times, and during the baby photoshoot, it is imperative that your baby will be kept warm. This will definitely not be a problem when you choose a baby photographer from, and make an appointment with the best.


event photography We have prepared several things that every photographer in event photography must never forget. Whether you are still a beginner or has already garnered experience in different kinds of events, we know you will benefit by spending no more than 3 minutes reading this!

We all make mistakes and, sometimes, we don’t realize it! Before it causes more damages, let us help you.

1. Remember the event’s information

Remember everything from what the event is about the purpose of the pictures that you took. All this information will guide you towards the best way of capturing event pictures. You will make your plan based on what your client wants to see from the results. You will also know better how to shoot the pictures and where to standby during the event.

There are also details like how many guests will attend it, how long is the event to who are the important figures that are invited. Why are they important to this event or are they celebrities or people who have made a name for themselves.?

2. Note the key figures

These people are VIPs or honored guests of the day. They could be important people to the person who made the event possible, such as sponsors or family members. Make sure that you know who they are and are there when they enter the room. Your client will most likely want to see some decent pictures of them as a respectful gesture to the invited ones and possibly to promote the event in the future.

Arriving early makes it important to make this possible. You want to know when they arrive and snap some pictures when they are greeted by the event holder. SmartPics UK Event Photography is an event photography team who never misses the shots. Just check out their red-carpet collection!

3. Know what you do

Beginners usually are still exploring what they do best in. While you know you want to be an event photographer, you are not sure what kind of photography style you have. Only frequent practices and jobs will show you where is your forte. But for those with decent experience, it’s time that you set yourself different from the others.

What are your best skills and what makes you different from the others? What kind of style and tone do you make to your pictures? Are you good with taking charity or non-profit events or do you work better in big, gala-style events?

4. Enjoy the event

You are not allowed to participate or have fun and be distracted from your job, obviously. But it’s important that you know what’s going on and pay attention to what’s happening on the stage. When jokes are cracked, the audiences will laugh and that’s when you want to snap the moment. When the key figures are spontaneously called on stage, you want to be there to get the moment.

If you can feel what the audiences are feeling about the event, it’ll be easier for you to capture the moments for event photography that your client would want to show to others.

Newborn Photography

newborn baby photographyEvery parent who just had a newborn baby would want to do everything to make this very moment memorable. One way to do that is to get a professional service in newborn photography Calgary! Yeah, get some professionally done pictures of your baby that you will keep for a really long time.

You know how your parents and grandparents would take out their old pictures of their kids? It’s really embarrassing for you sometimes, but now that you are about to have your own, you start to understand what your parents felt. That time won’t turn back for you and baby would be grown up even before you realize it. Time flies by so fast!

Professionally done pictures

Those pictures that you get from your photographer are different from people who never knew how to take pictures. They have everything, from the equipment, the place, props and most importantly, the eye. Many of them also have the experiences, making it easy to help parents who have never taken pictures before.

We love to point out to parents that these pictures are the ones that you will keep for a long time. These won’t be blurry pictures and your baby’s face will be clearly captured in different cute poses. The photographer will prepare everything, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!


The photographers have proofs to show you that he is able to capture those pictures without a doubt. You can check the site of the photographer that you want to hire for the proofs. And for starters, we like to recommend our readers to check Dulce Baby Photography. We find that many people end up booking their newborn photography Calgary from here!

When you check the portfolios of these photographers, you will be able to see the styles of the photographers that you want to hire.

Safer environment

Most parents take pictures of their babies while things go on. They rarely try to pose the baby due to lack of knowledge. But in case that you are wondering, no, you shouldn’t try to pose a newborn baby without knowing how to do it safely. A newborn photographer would know all the things that you should and should not do to a newborn baby.

An experienced newborn photographer, especially, knows how to place your baby and will know how to get an adult support the baby up the right way. It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t use just any props for your baby.

Once in your lifetime!

Many parents actually didn’t realize that they missed this moment from being too busy getting used to the new life they are having. But we are here to remind you that, hey, this isn’t going to last forever! Soon, your baby would be 2 and then he’ll begin to walk and run around! Time is really precious because you can take pictures in newborn photography Calgary during the first two weeks of the baby’s life.

So, don’t waste your time anymore. When your baby is still waiting for the right time to come into your life, prepare a photography session for this precious moment!

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer AndoverA wedding photographer Andover is in charge of many things which range from providing consultations to preparing an online gallery for them. And what’s impressive is that there are already many wedding photographers out there providing the same thing to everyone. They are different from each other, of course, but they basically are offering the same things.

You, on the other hand, what can you do to compete with so many other fish in the pool? How to become that fish people want to catch?

Know what others are doing

It’s important that you understand the market and competitors of the place you are about to enter. What do the people like and what have the photographers provided all these years? Find out about their satisfaction and what people wished were available for their wedding pictures. See if it is possible for you to fulfill what people really want to see!

Be different

We know that this is the advice that exists everywhere else. But becoming different is critical in any kind of business where price isn’t as strong of an influence as differentiation is. It’s true if there’s a huge gap, people tend to go for the cheaper one. But when the price range is narrow, people look more towards which photographer will be better for them.

One thing for sure, there is not one photographer for everyone. Everyone is different in terms of taste, so you will always have a chance to find someone who loves yours. But there is also a problem if the clients aren’t really able to spot that out. When that happens, can you confidently show them a wedding picture of your own as a wedding photographer Andover and say, you won’t get this in other places?

A wedding photographer from is a good example of what you can do. This photographer makes it clear that she stands out from other in terms of style. As a challenge, see if you can ever be different than this photographer and be someone unique in the market.

Love your clients

When you meet people who consider you as a candidate, show that you are enthusiastic about the job and to be their friend. Why a friend? Because it’s that personal relationship where you understand them more that will make them lean towards choosing you as their photographer. When you want to capture their wedding moments, they want someone who knows how to best do it the way they love.

A wedding photographer Andover should help the clients feel comfortable talking about their concerns. But it’s not just being considerate, you should be able to give them answers that will solve their problems. Tell them why choosing you will help them feel relieved. Give them a reason to trust you and know that this is not something that grows overnight. But it has started from the first meeting.

Remember that you shouldn’t belittle other photographers! Respect each other because you will need their help one day. When you can’t make it to the wedding and they can, they will do you a favor.

Commercial Photography

commercial photographers Waterford There isn’t much you can do to convince people to hire you unless you have a load of experience and portfolios to prove it. Commercial photographers Waterford are responsible to capture pictures that will increase exposure, conversion, or deliver the intended message to the public. There are various you need to be informed about before to promise that you will be able to do what they want.

Aim to be a professional

It’s necessary to have the idea that you want to be a professional from the beginning. It is not something that can be achieved in a short time but has to be something that you set your mind on for a long time. The following things we suggest are also things that will help you become one and you need to keep track of it from time to time.

That also means that you must set in mind that you will be a commercial photographer specifically. Instead of trying to branch out into various genres, focus on only one. In the long run, you won’t be confused with how you should market yourself and people will immediately identify you as a commercial photographer.

Know thyself

The worse thing a commercial photographer can do is unable to point out to his clients what kind of pictures he does. Simply saying that you take commercial pictures doesn’t cut it. They want to know the results which are often something that can only be predicted in this kind of condition.

Take your time to analyze your own pictures and think why you took those pictures the way you did. You have to stand out among other commercial photographers Waterford like Show your client why would your style be the best choice compared to other photographers.

Know thy enemy (client)

You want to take a great picture and to be honest, almost everyone who loves taking pictures can do the same thing. You need to set yourself different and know the purpose of the clients in having some pictures taken. What part of the product or service do they want to emphasize and what will the picture be used for?

Understand the battle that you are about to fight to show that you are not just about to take random good pictures for your clients. It will also become a good addition to your portfolios as potential clients will be able to see that you are serious about your job.

Create a great portfolio

The most important part in convincing other people is showing them that you’ve done the same work before. They want someone who knows what he’s doing and that’s why you need to show them from your portfolio how good you are and why they will love you. Arrange your portfolio in a way that emphasizes your style and shows what you are best at.

Set yourself apart from other commercial photographers Waterford by being able to explain what each picture meant for the clients. Show how you were able to achieve what they wanted through those pictures and thus, ended up as part of your portfolio.

Wedding Photography

It is a wonder why Adelaide wedding photographers cost so much when all they do is take pictures.

Adelaide wedding photographersYou could have asked just anyone with a good camera to help you take some pictures and you’ll be saving thousands of dollars already! But why do people still want to hire them and why should you follow them?

There are actually several reasons that a wedding photographer charges high in general. Photography by nature is a type of art that cannot be measured. What you think is beautiful and gorgeous may be neutral to others. Art is also something that is different in each of us. You cannot possibly take pictures the way a professional wedding photographer does.

If you have a cousin or uncle who wishes to help you take some pictures, know that he will now be able to do it the way a professional do unless he is one. Wedding photography is a laborious job where you have to take multiple cameras, lenses, stand and move around for the whole day and edit at least 50-100 pictures for your client.

It’s very time-consuming as well.

If you calculate it, a single job can take up hours of consultation alone, a day working at the venue and weeks to edit, print and present the pictures. There is also the initial investment one makes from the editing software, hardware, cameras, maintenance fees such as camera’s battery, memory cards, and travel fee.

A professional wedding photographer will also always try to appeal to your liking. He takes those pictures while considering how you will like them to be done. It’s not just about taking some pictures but using the opportunity to take the best picture of it. If you look at the pictures by, those are what I’m talking about. Only professional Adelaide wedding photographers can do them.

You need to consider the experience that they have, too.

These wedding photographers have done hundreds of other wedding pictures before and they know exactly how to work on yours. They will do their own research to make sure that they use the right camera setting and chose the right spot or location. If you can, invite them to your wedding rehearsal as it will help them get a better idea of your wedding pictures.

What if you encounter super cheap wedding photographers? It doesn’t seem like a wedding photographer should cost that much if there’s someone who is willing to offer at a much lower price.

Let us warn you to not make any deal with that person just yet and think about it for a while. Every wedding photographer dedicates a lot to their job and invests so much money. Will they settle with, for example, half the average price others are offering? It’s certainly not worth the time they spend on you too as we showed before.

Then what is the catch? Best case scenario, these Adelaide wedding photographers are beginners who want to get their first clients quick, so they are willing to cut down the price. Worst case scenario, they will run with your money and you end up with no pictures at all!